Thursday, July 19, 2012

Being the Frog

The next step in my thyroid journey was an ultrasound  to check for involvement of the lymph nodes. It did not show anything of concern so I escaped a biopsy there. Thank You, Lord! The same day we met the surgeon and Bruce and I both liked him. My surgery was scheduled for December 29. Merry Christmas to me.

Several weeks later I saw the surgeon again for a pre-op appointment. While I was in the office he did a nasolaryngoscopy to check out the terrain he would be working in during surgery. They use a flexible fiberoptic scope. First, he sprays a local anesthetic into the nose and down the throat. It has a bitter taste and makes you feel like your throat is swelling up. "Don't panic," read the instructions online. Defend me.

The doctor inserts the scope into your nose and down the throat. It sounds so simple, yes? I may have mentioned, I don't like medical procedures. I did okay for a while but when it started to feel like there was something groping around my tonsils, I indicated we were done. (I truly feel sorry for my doctors, as I am sure you certainly do.)

The surgeon was able to get all the information he was seeking. They had me sign all the paperwork for the surgery, including the one that spells out all the possible complications including multiple avenues to death. More requests for end of life directives. The procedure was listed as "bilateral neck dissection." The last time I was involved in a dissection I was the dissector and it did not end well for the frog. this time, I was going to be the dissectee. We had a discussion to define dissection.

Seriously, I was pretty confident in my surgeon. He did a fellowship in thyroidectomies and my endocrinologist has been referring to him exclusively for over five years. He did tell me I have a great larynx. No one's ever told me that before.

Sometime over the next few days received a letter from my gynecologist informing me that my PAP was abnormal and needed to have a biopsy in the next four weeks. Let's see, should I do that before or after my thyroidectomy?

Scripture reference: 2 Corinthians 4:16-18

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